Chicagoland Mosques

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The following webpage provides a list of all Chicagoland mosques: In addition, the website Salatomatic provides a search tool for mosques..

Most mosques in Chicago are Sunni Islam mosques. Some of the Shia or Nation of Islam mosques are listed below. Prayers and some other activities at Shia or Nation of Islam mosques may be different from the practices listed on this website, as this website provides a Sunni Islam perspective.

Nation of Islam Mosques

Mosque Maryam
7351 S. Stony Island Avenue
Chicago, IL

Shia Mosques

Al Asr Organization of Chicago
6229 N. Albany Street, Suite # 2,
Chicago, IL

Islamic Education Center
2N121 Goodrich Ave,
Glen Ellyn IL

Midwest Association. of Shia Organized Muslims (MASOM)
6111 W. Addison,
Chicago, IL

United Muslims of America
One Bloomingdale Place, Suite 718
Bloomingdale, IL

Islamic Education Center - Husaini Association of Greater Chicago
1269 Goodrich Ave
Glendale Heights, IL

Baitul Ilm
485 South Bartlett Road
Streamwood, IL

Ismaili Center Chicago
6259 N Broadway St
Chicago, IL

Ismaili House of Worship
Glenview, IL

If you would like someone to go to a mosque with you, please fill out a request on our buddy page.