Whether you are a recent convert/revert to Islam, a born Muslim, or are exploring Islam as a non-Muslim, we welcome you to our website and to Islam. Islam is comprised of people of all races, welcomes all races, and teaches us to treat people of different races, color, gender, etc. equally. This website is designed to provide information about Islam and to welcome converts/reverts into the Muslim community (ummah) through Ta'leef Collective's Convert Continuum of Care (CCC).

Learning Opportunities

  • Ta'Leef Collective: Provides the space, content, and companionship necessary for a healthy understanding, embrace, and realization of Islam. Check out their monthly 'Living Right' discussions with Usama Canon and the 'Saturday Night Discussions' with Omer Mozaffar.
  • IIIE: Physical space providing a space, classes, and 1:1 help to attain basic correct information about Islam and Muslims, and to empower Muslims through education to be points of inspiration drawing others to the beauty and peace of our Merciful Creator. Check out their weekly "Mondays with Mozaffar" discussion, "Rediscovering the Classics" discussion with Ustadh Ubaydullah Evans, and "Evenings with Ustadh Ubaydullah Evans" where he is available at the Reading Room weekly for anyone to drop in and ask Ubaydullah anything about anything: Islamic jurisprudence, theology, hadith, Qur’an, Islamic history, or even just to chat.
  • American Islamic College: Accredited physical college that provides students of all backgrounds with a solid liberal arts and sciences education that will include a rigorous academic formation in Islamic Studies, thereby conveying a broad understanding of the historical and global forces that have shaped intellectual debates and interpretations as well as the political and social structures of diverse contemporary Muslim societies. 
  • Rabata: Virtual classes for women dedicated to building spiritual ties between women, the spiritual upbringing of women by women, and the establishment of the female voice in scholarship. Their free workshop for converts 'Project Lina' helps new converts address issues of culture, creed, and connections with family, friends and community while exploring what it means to be a western female convert in 2013. Ribaat is a four-level online program designed to provide women with a solid foundation in the Islamic sciences - bringing college level Islamic learning to women online.
  • Omer Mozaffer's Qur'an class, recorded on YouTube.
  • Mishkah University: Virtual university offering Associates and Bachelors degrees in Islamic Studies, and Arabic Language programs.
  • Islamic Online University: Offers online intensive, undergraduate, and graduate courses in Islamic Studies completely tuition-free. 
  • Fadel Soliman's brief YouTube videos addressing common hot-topics in Islam (in Arabic but with English subtitles).
  • Saliheen: Recorded lectures by Mufti Hussain Kamani.
  • Bayyinah podcasts explaining the Quran by Nouman Ali Khan